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WhoSampled’s app will now tell you who Kanye sampled just by listening to the track

If you’re dying to know who Kanye West sampled on each and every track on Teyana Taylor’s new album, this app can help.

Today WhoSampled released a new version of their mobile app, which pairs music recognition technology with their website’s impressive crowdsourced database of the music samples collaged together to build a song’s sound. It means that when you hear a song you love at Best Buy or the Piggly Wiggly, you can simply grab your phone, open the app, and start listening. The app will then pull up not only the song’s name, but also all the samples the song uses, who has covered the song in the past, and remixes. Be prepared to fall down a music rabbit hole or two, though, because not only do you get a list of the song’s samples, but you can instantly listen to the entire original track where the samples were pulled from and save them to the subscription streaming account.

Unfortunately figuring out that Kanye wove Billy Stewart’s 1965 single “I Do Love You” into the foundation of Taylor’s track “Issues/Hold On”, it will cost you $3.99, if you have an iPhone. Android users get a free version, but it’s ad supported. True sound hounds, will want to shell out $9.99 for annual subscription for unlimited music recognition on both iPhone and Android, but it is totally worth it to be able to one-up your music snob friends.