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WhoSampled Releases A Music Recognition Component For Their Enhanced Mobile App

WhoSampled, a music app that chronicles the music sampled by music-makers, adds music recognition to allow listeners more insight into a song’s entire DNA.

One of my favorite places to go on the web is WhoSampled because it is one of the few places to go to read “liner notes” in this new digital age. I mean, unless someone lets me know how I can see if there were any samples used via Apple Music, then WhoSampled is the wave IMO. Anywho, the music app has released a new enhanced version of that allows listeners to utilize music recognition.

What that means is that you now have the ability to comb through a song’s entire DNA without needing to know the song name or artist.

Through the use of its proprietary crowdsourced database, WhoSampled will enable users to more easily find a song’s samples, cover history, and remixes and instantly download the original tracks to users’ subscription streaming accounts. This is a major key for me as I am always out at an event or some restaurant that has good music that I might’ve never heard before. The updated app will now give me the chance to learn about that rare Hiatus Kaiyote song I didn’t know about and add it to my Apple Music.

At $3.99, Apple users can get the WhoSampled app ad-free, while Android users get the bomb deal with $free.99 and ad-supported. If you want the annual subscription for unlimited music recognition for either streaming service, it’ll cost you $9.99.