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The WhoSampled App Lets Users Identify Remixes, Samples and Covers

A new version of the WhoSampled app was recently released and it now pairs music recognition technology with the massive crowdsourced database WhoSampled holds. The WhoSampled website has long been a tool to discover music samples but this new app allows users to search and recognize music on the go. Much like other music recognition apps, the WhoSampled app lets users pull up their phone and have it identify the song. However, the app then goes on to leverage the WhoSampled database and will show users the samples used in the song, who covered the song and any remixes.

The app also allows users to listen to the entirety of the original track that was sampled as well as save it to a subscription streaming account. The app currently costs $3.99 on iOS, with Android users being given a free version that is ad-supported.