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WhoSampled app introduces Shazam-style music recognition feature

Sample source database WhoSampled has introduced music recognition software to its iOS and Android apps.

The newly implemented technology functions like Shazam, except it can identify samples used within the track being scanned. Users are then linked to relevant sample sources, cover art, different versions of the track and other data.

WhoSampled CEO Nadav Poraz told Billboard that the update removes the need for using "Shazam or SoundHound to identify a song and then immediately go to WhoSampled to find out what the sample is."

The app comes ad-free on iOS for $3.99 while the Android version is ad-supported and free of charge. Music recognition costs $10 for a year and removes all ads.

Like Discogs, WhoSampled is a user-compiled database. It was founded by Poraz in London in 2008.