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New WhoSampled feature identifies samples within songs

Website and app database of samples, WhoSampled‘s latest update allows iOS and Android users to identify the samples used within a given song, thanks to the update’s implementation of music recognition software.

Not unlike Shazam, the new WhoSampled function supplies song scanners with the sample’s source and cover art, while displaying other information relevant to the sample. WhoSampled CEO Nadav Poraz emphasizes that the update effectually eliminates the multi-step in-app song identification process, meaning that Shazam and SoundHound users will no longer need to ID the sought track on either of the apps, “and then immediately go to WhoSampled to find out what the sample is.”

The streamlined solution to song and sample identification arrives ad-free at a cost of $3.99 on iOS, and free with ad-support on Android.