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WhoSampled launches Shazam-like feature to identify samples in songs

WhoSampled, the user-compiled database that “allows music fans to explore the DNA of their favorite music,” launched an updated version of their mobile app with music recognition technology. As Resident Advisor points out, the app works sort of like Shazam, but instead of just identifying what song is playing, it identifies the samples used in that song, and then links users to “sample sources, cover art, different versions of the track and other data.”

CEO Nadav Poraz spoke to Billboard about it:

Obviously Shazam’s been out for a while and SoundHound and all of the other music recognition apps that tell you what the song that is playing around you is, but we take it to the next level. We also tell you what the samples in it are, or who sampled that track and whether it’s a cover version of something. We surface all of that WhoSampled richness based on the music that’s around you. The app is not designed to replace the website, even though to an extent it provides similar information. It’s about really leveraging all the unique capabilities that you can get on a mobile app and to amalgamate the core WhoSampled experience with those types of features.

The app is ad-free on iOs for $3.99 and Android has an ad-supported version that’s free of charge. Both also offer an ad-free annual subscription for $9.99.

In case you’re wondering, WhoSampled has all the samples from Drake’s new album up on their website.