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WhoSampled kicks-off Shazam style feature to find the make up of any song

WhoSampled, the site dedicated to disemboweling songs and finding the samples featured within, has kicked off a new mobile feature that’ll run similarly to that of Shazam.

The feature will listen to a piece of music and rummage through the “DNA” of the track, finding the samples in a matter of seconds. Pretty handy.

Speaking on the new feature, WhoSampled’s CEO Nadav Poraz says they “had always dreamed of adding these features from the moment we launched the app six years ago.You can identify the song playing around you, then dig deeper and find out what other song was sampled in the song you’re hearing. For example, the chorus or riff might sound familiar but not from the song that is playing, it’s from somewhere else. Other music recognition apps will tell you the name of the song you’re hearing, but WhoSampled is the only app that will give you the answer you’re looking for, allow you to understand the origins of the composition and reveal the other recordings that sampled it.”

If this all sounds exciting to you, which it should, you can cop it on iPhone and Android now.