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WhoSampled: What would crate digging in the 2010s be without WhoSampled?

Back in the day people studied the covers and inlays of vinyl records to find any clues about possible sample sources. Then in the early days of the internet, they scoured the online forums to find out who looped what part of which song. But over the past years one site has been the new haven for all sample spotters – we are talking of course about

Simply enter a song or artist name, and you will find out about all the samples used in the track, what artists also used that sample, even which b-movie that obscure interlude piece is from and much much more!

If you’re a sample addict on the go, then you’ll surely know about the WhoSampled app already. Just like on the website you can bookmark your favourite samples, but on the app you can also anaylze your own music collection and find out which samples are hidden in your treasures.

But that’s not all – WhoSampled just introduced a new feature for people on the go. With the newest update, the WhoSampled app gets the same functionality people love about Shazam. You simply tap on a button, let the app listen. Shazam simply tells you which song you listened to and that’s an awesome bit of magic already. But here’s the kicker…

The WhoSampled app kicks it out of the park, because it also tells you instantly what samples are used in the song! This amazing feat is possible because the app can tap into the huge sample database which thousands of volunteers have put together over the past decade.

So, let’s talk pricing. The basic app on Android is free, but it show annoying ads. On iOS the app simply costs $3.99 and is completely ad-free. The ‘Shazam’ sample recognition function is available as in-app subscription at $9.99 for one year. If you’re pinching pennies, you could simply use Shazam to get the song title and manually search on WhoSampled afterwards. For the odd sample check here and there it’s ok. But if you are as curious about sampling in popular music as we are, the subscription is totally worth it.